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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 1, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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towards san francisco, not much of a sunny sunset on this sunday. we'll see you at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: excessive heat. there are warnings and advisories as high temperatures and humidity continue to bake the midwest and northeast. also tonight, soaring heat and high winds fanning a new wildfire in northern california. white house national security adviser john bolton says he met with russian leader vladimir putin ahead of a planned summit with president trump and talked about the 2016 election. >> what he said was, there was no meddling in 2016 by the russian state. >> quijano: lines are being drawn by president trump's supreme court nominee, which he'll announce next week. democrats are taking sides, and so is a top republican. >> there are people on that list whom i could not support.
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>> quijano: and a tourist boat explodes in the bahamas. >> move the boat! >> quijano: one american is dead, several others injured. >> quijano: hi, everyone. i'm elaine quijano. thank you for joining us. the dangerous heat wave is expected to peak sunday in the northeast, but forecasters say it won't go away any time soon and could last until the fourth of july. meg oliver takes a look at how some people are coping with the heat. >> come on! >> reporter: sizzling temperatures beat down on thousands of determined athletes in the new york city triathlon sunday. >> the weather did get a little bit hotter and more humid, but we were able to muddle through it. >> reporter: the stifling conditions shut down the event down early. the mercury hit the mid-90s. the reel-feel temperature hit
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over 100 degrees. stretches from the midwest where cities like detroit, cleveland, and indianapolis breaking records near 100 to as far north as buffalo and burlington baking in extreme heat and humidity. in chicago, the fire department hosed down the michigan avenue drawbridge, which was stuck together from the extreme heat. across the region, folks resorted to fountains and pools to find relief. while some volleyball players in new york's central park didn't mind it. >> it was so hot today, i was just walking, and within two seconds i started breaking a sweat already. >> reporter: forecasters say the hot, sticky spell could last for more than a week, warning that the next 24 hours could be the most dangerous. the national weather service says heat kills more people each year than any other weather hazard, including tornadoes, lightning, and floods. here in new york city, an excessive heat warning is in effect until monday morning. elaine? >> quijano: meg oliver, thank you.
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meteorologist kristen cornett from kmov, our st. louis affiliate, has the forecast. >> reporter: elaine, it's going to be another really hot day on monday in the southern plains. check out dallas, expecting a forecast high of 103. 94 in memphis. st. louis and cincinnati looking for 89, 95 in new york city, but it's the heat index, what it's going to feel like out there, that's going to be so intense monday afternoon. peak heat index of 96 in new york city. 95 in st. louis, 104 is what it's going to feel like in memphis, tennessee. now, there is the threat for some severe weather on monday, as well. it's a low-end threat for parts of the northeast into new england. a little bit higher threat for severe weather as we get into the central plains into the upper midwest. looking ahead to the fourth of july holiday, mostly cloudy and 69 in san francisco. sunny and 108 in phoenix. sunshine through the central plains. scattered storms in the lower mississippi valley where dallas is expected 96. 88 in new orleans. some scattered thunderstorms expected throughout the
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southeast, into the mid- atlantic, as well, all the way into new york city, where a high of 87 is expected on the fourth. elaine. >> quijano: kristen cornett, thank you. the heat and high winds are fueling more than two dozen wildfires in the west. a new fire erupted in northern california, and in colorado there's been an arrest in a wildfire that's been burning for more than a month. mireya villarreal has the details. >> reporter: fast-moving flames in northern california kept fire crews busy saturday. gusty wind conditions fueled the blaze, and by sunday morning the so-called "county fire" had exploded. night sky just outside sacramento was lit up as the fire tore through more than 22,000 acres, threatening dozens of structures and forcing evacuations. it's the same in colorado, where high temperatures and high winds are fueling the spring fire. >> pretty intense. i had about maybe five minutes to get out of there.
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>> reporter: so far it's singed more than 41,000 acres and evacuated 2,000 homes, including ryan pittman's. >> across the street, about maybe 150 yards, 200 yards, the flames were coming up and over. >> reporter: on saturday, jesper jorgensen was arrested and charged with arson in connection with this fire. nearly 200 miles west, colorado's biggest fire continues to rage on a month after it first broke out. so far, the 416 fire has scorched 47,000 acres, and according to fire officials, it could be another month before they're even close to containment. the 416 fire alone cost more than $26 million to fight, and elaine, it is just the beginning of fire season. a new fire forecast is warning warmer temperatures and limited rain could mean more fires that are even harder to contain. >> quijano: thanks, mireya. in the bahamas, one american woman was killed and seven
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others were injured after a tourist boat exploded. officials say there were 12 people on board, ten americans and two bahamians. the cause is under investigation. demarco morgan has the story. >> we need to move this boat! >> we need to move the boat back. >> move the boat! >> reporter: boaters saw a tourist festival boat in distress in the bahamas off the island of exuma. the boat's engine reportedly exploded, causing a raging fire and black smoke. chris topperwien took this video. >> we just saw, like, this boat sitting there, and i heard this weird noise. and then there was a flame coming up. within like 15, 30 seconds the whole boat was caught on fire. >> reporter: the coast guard deployed its hc-130 from clearwater, florida, after the royal bahamas police force asked for help. that coast guard crew landed in exuma and flew back, taking four people to its air station. at least one was taken to a hospital in st. petersburg. six others were airlifted from the scene to a hospital in nassau.
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it appears at least one victim was rescued by those also boating along the cave. topperwien told cbs news everybody was helping as much as they could. >> doctor, doctor! >> we were able to take all the passengers from this other boat to our boat and rescue them. we had a female doctor on board from denmark. a tourist-- so she helped a lot. >> reporter: the coast guard tells cbs news it's expecting the state department or the u.s. embassy to release the names of the american killed. one witness said people who jumped into the water during the emergency risked their own life to help others. elaine? >> quijano: terrifying scene. demarco, thank you. president trump is talking with white house lawyers this weekend about his upcoming supreme court nominee. laying down the groundwork before announcing his pick next monday. errol barnett is in new jersey traveling with the president. >> i think we're going to have support from democrats, frankly, i think if it's the right person. >> reporter: in an interview sunday, president trump voiced confidence that his yet-to-be-
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announced supreme court nominee will be confirmed soon, as he finds a replacement for retiring justice anthony kennedy, who has been a swing vote on critical issues, like abortion. >> i think it's going to go very quickly. i think we're going to have a lot of support. >> reporter: an announcement is planned a week from monday, and republicans want to seat that judge by the fall. to succeed, the president's choice needs the backing of nearly all senate republicans. >> a candidate for this important position, who would overturn roe v. wade, would not be acceptable to me. >> reporter: senator susan collins, a republican who supports abortion rights, was among a group of senators meeting with president trump at the white house last week. today, she said there are people on the president's short list she would not support. >> i also suggested that he broaden his search beyond the list of 25 nominees. >> these are real lives, real impacts. >> reporter: senator richard blumenthal, a democrat on the judiciary committee, is deeply troubled at the prospects of
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moving the nation's highest court to the right. >> it could lead to criminalizing reproductive rights as they were prior to roe v. wade. women were prosecuted and women died, and women were denied access to contraception. >> quijano: errol, president trump has also been vocal this weekend about democrat demands to abolish the immigration and customs enforcement agency or ice. let's listen. >> all it's going to do is lead to massive, massive crime. that's going to be their platform. open borders, which equals crime. i think they'll never win another election, so i'm actually quite happy about it. >> quijano: errol, what's the strategy there? >> well, elaine, president trump senses a political weakness among democrats. yes, some of them called for ice to be abolished at saturday's rallies, but others are calling for reform while moderate democrats have stayed silent. president trump knows that taking a hardline on immigration was a winning position for him during the election, and he
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believes the same will be true for republicans come mid-terms. so if he can double down on his backing of ice agents, calling them "brave" and "courageous," while painting democrats as weak on crime, he feels he will limit republican losses come the mid- term elections in november. >> quijano: errol barnett in new jersey. thank you. there was a quick evacuation on a united flight at washington's reagan national airport. officials say flight 6122 to houston had just left the gate when someone spotted smoke coming from the rear bathroom. the crew deployed the slides and got passengers to safety. no one was injured. airport officials say after the plane was clear, they found no evidence of smoke. services will be held this week in annapolis, maryland for two of the five newspaper shooting victims. a celebration of life for 59- year-old rob hiaasen will be held monday, and a memorial service for wendi winters is scheduled for saturday. in the "capital gazette" today,
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the editorial staff thanked the community for their outpouring of support, and also promised to keep reporting the news. president trump was asked about his upcoming meeting with russian leader vladimir putin today. the summit will be held on july 16th and take place in helsinki, finland, just one week after the president meets with nato allies. here's roxana saberi. >> mr. president, any news? >> reporter: two days after president trump said he'll ask his russian counterpart about moscow's alleged meddling in u.s. elections, he quickly changed the subject when asked about it on fox news. >> are you going to mention the meddling when you meet with russian president vladimir putin on july 16? >> i would like to see some answers as to why we didn't take the server, why the f.b.i. didn't take the server from the d.n.c. >> reporter: his national security adviser john bolton told "face the nation" sunday that the issue of meddling was
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brought up in his recent face- to-face meeting with the russian leader. >> what he said was there was no meddling in 2016 by the russian state. >> very little happens without vladimir putin's okay in russia. >> okay, i think that's an interesting statement. i think it's worth pursuing. i'm sure the president will want the pursue it. >> what do you think he means? >> reporter: on friday, president trump told reporters on air force one he'll discuss several issues at his upcoming summit with putin, including syria and the status of crimea, which russia seized from ukraine in 2014. >> reporter: is the u.s. endorsing the idea that international borders can be redrawn by force? is this actually a topic? >> no, that's not the position of the united states, but i think-- >> which is why it was newsworthy when he said it. >> well, i don't know that that's what he said. >> reporter: the upcoming summit has added to concern here in europe that president trump is moving closer to russia while criticizing the european union and nato. the president is set to attend a nato summit in brussels and visit the u.k. before flying to finland to sit down with president putin. elaine? >> quijano: roxana saberi, thank you.
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in mexico, millions of voters head to the polls today. this election is considered the most important in years. thousands of candidates are running for office, but none more important than president. andres manuel lopez obrador is ahead in the polls. the 64-year-old former mayor of mexico city has vowed to fight government corruption. if he wins, it will be the first time in decades that a leftist has won the country. and it was a very bloody campaign season. in the nine months leading up to today's election, it is estimated 145 candidates were killed. coming up, sticker shock in san francisco. the million dollar dump that got multiple offers. and later, from presidential faces to superheros, the real- life hero behind these crazy signs. ♪
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year is a lot of money in most cities, but in san francisco it qualifies as low income. forget about buying a house, a recent report says the median price for a single-family home in the bay area is $935,000. in the city it's even higher. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: realtor larry gallegos showed us this 1,200 square foot three bedroom, two- bathroom house you'd think he couldn't give away. >> it has leaks in the roof. it's pretty much dilapidated. >> reporter: but this is blue collar, middle-class fremont, where the american dream means brace yourself for sticker shop. what did this house list for? >> a million. >> reporter: what did it sell for? >> $1.23 million. >> reporter: this is a million dollar dump. >> right. >> reporter: the buyer beat out six others competing offers, all
5:48 pm
above the asking price. this is mind blowing. these houses are very average, ordinary. >> correct, it's a little mind- blowing, but it is the norm around here. >> reporter: that norm is fueled by thousands of well-paid tech workers who have driven up the median price of a san francisco home to $1.6 million, the highest in the country. and while housing prices are rising faster than incomes nationwide, nowhere is it more evident than in the bay area, where home values have soared a staggering 64% over the last five years. now, this house is a fire sale, but don't expect a bargain. it went on the market for just under $1.5 million, and serious buyers better bring cash. it's like having a big, sprawling, unaffordable gated community where most people on the outside are looking in. >> absolutely. and they're looking in for from really far away. they have to use a telescope. >> reporter: sally kuchar tracks real estate for a website called curbed san francisco. you do well, your husband does well. >> we cannot afford to live here, nor could we afford to live pretty much anywhere in the bay area.
5:49 pm
>> prices just go up. >> reporter: this flyer could speak for the entire bay area housing market: enter at your own risk. mark strassmann, cbs news, san francisco. >> quijano: still ahead, in portland, oregon, a demonstration turns violent. i promised our family i'd find your lost recipe. by tracing our history on ancestry, i found the one person who still had it. now, i'm brewing our legacy back to life. i'm david thieme, and this is my ancestry story. now with 100 million family trees, find your story. get started for free at if you spit blood you may have gum problems,s and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
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( gunfire ) >> quijano: police in portland, oregon say a demonstration turned into a riot. they used flash grenades to help break up the clash. a right wing group had obtained a permit to hold a freedom rally. but, an antifa group formed a counter protest. and the two sides began fighting. there were some arrests. officials say they seized knives, clubs, and chemical sprays. another frustrating day in thailand searching for 12 boys and their soccer coach who have been missing for more than a week. divers went into a cave, but they failed to make much headway. they're trying to get to a clear, dry area where they hope the boys are hiding, but the divers first have to slog through a murky half-mile long chamber. in puerto rico, a short reprieve for hurricane maria evacuees living in hotels. a federal judge temporarily
5:53 pm
extended the program that's been paying for their stay. it was set to expire at midnight sunday, but will now end on tuesday. about 1,700 people have been using the vouchers since losing their homes after hurricane maria decimated the island last fall. next on the "cbs weekend news," spreading happiness and cheer, one crazy pair of socks at a time. you go together, so stay together. ♪ stay together with a $0 copay, you've got zero reasons to leave, and every reason to stay. lantus is used to control high blood sugar in people with diabetes. do not use lantus to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat,
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>> quijano: it's no secret former president george h.w. bush loves wearing distinctive socks. in april, he wore a pair festooned with books at his wife's funeral. he says he did it because she was committed to promoting literacy. so where does he get them? jim axelrod visited one of his sources. >> reporter: on long island, john cronin is building a sock business with his dad. i don't care who you are, there is a sock for you here. >> absolutely, right. >> reporter: the 22-year-old with down syndrome handles all sorts of jobs. is this a new design? >> a new design. >> reporter: you drew this?
5:57 pm
>> i drew this one. >> reporter: which leaves his father mark proud, but not surprised. >> it's why you have such a following. >> reporter: he knew down syndrome didn't mean limits others might assume it would. >> he came to me and said, "dad, i want to go into business with you." >> reporter: so 18 months ago, john's crazy socks was born. at $2.2 million revenue so far, they're doing well. with 16 of 35 jobs created held down by differently-abled workers, they're also doing good. >> they're excited to be here. they have great skills and a great spirit. >> reporter: certain socks are linked to certain charities. each pair sold generates a donation. $100,000 and counting. while youtube and social media have helped spread the word, their most famous customer put them on the map. who is that letter from? >> that's from george bush. >> reporter: from george bush. the president, who signed the americans with disabilities act into law.
5:58 pm
>> on world down syndrome day, he wore john's superhero socks and sent out a tweet of him wearing them and thanking his friend, john cronin. >> reporter: that was good for business, but when the 41st president wore a pair of john's crazy socks to pay tribute to barbara bush's literacy campaign at her funeral, well, that was good for the soul. >> it made me feel good. every day it makes me happy. >> we've learned the more we do for others, the better off we are. >> reporter: while the cronins see money in warming feet, they're about to corner the market on warming hearts along the way. jim axelrod, cbs news, huntington, new york. >> quijano: fantastic. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. later mites. fomore nanytime,o to our streaming news channel cbsn at i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us, and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. now at 6:00 as a pair of wildfires rage just north of the bay area, the smoke is creating a serious hazard closer to home. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. all day long the skies have the mist from the smoke of a distant fire and that is bad news for air quality. the haze is so thick in part of the bay area it has been blotting out the sun. here's how it looked from our building's roof earlier today as the haze blocked off the upper half of the bay bridge and the view from our cliff house camera is even worse with ash from 100 miles away gummed to the lens by moisture from the fog and low clou >> m noin the oakland hills. kpix5's kiet do shows us the conditions there. >> reporter: no, it's not the apocalypse.
6:00 pm
it's just an ash plume making for a surreal sunday across the bay. smoke from the pawnee fire is drifting 60 to 70 miles southwest. satellite imagery shows prevailing winds are blowing it straight into the north and east bay. in vallejo neighbors woke up to flakes of ash deposited onto their cars overnight. it was especially thick in berkeley. look closely and you can see chunks floating by. in the oakland hills this time lapse video of falling ash on a car windshield is 40 minutes condensed down to about seven seconds and yes, social media lit up with posts about raining ash comparing it to snowfall. >> right now we're sort of in that perfect environment for them to be transported into at least the northern half of the bay area, but it's a fairly broad swath going from the north bay down into the middle portion of the bay area. >> reporter: jan knoll with golden gate weather services says the ash is affecting the sky's color. in marin the sunrise this morning was especially orange. across the bay bridge,


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